Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Crib I decided not to DIY

I decided not to DIY the crib afterall.  So, here's the story of the why I decided not to:

As all parents (and parents-to-be) we're on a very tight budget, we've gone the used route to get everything for Jellybean.  We ended up receiving a free crib initially that was missing a few key pieces of hardware.  Not only that it was also a drop rail.  Now, I could have gone the route of getting all new hardware to make it a fixed-rail but the missing pieces were for holding the mattress platform to the crib.  By the time I got to that we ended up recycling it at the Hartland Landfill (they have an actual recycling area for things like this, most of the other places won't take things like cribs or car seats because of the liability issues).

So, next step was to order a new one...DH said that he didn't want to go the used route this time because of problems of missing pieces, non-regulation, etc.  The one I ended up picking was from and was the StorkCraft Deborah fixed-rail 2-1 that can go from crib to double bed.  It was on sale and it's discontinued.

Stock Photo from TJ's Kids
Now, the trick was getting it home.  The trunk on our car was about 2 inches shy of the width of the box, so after going back and forth for almost an hour with the catalogue department in-store, they finally agreed to deliver it for us for an additional fee.

When the crib arrived and we started pulling it out of the box I said to DH that because this looked really nice, it was solid and heavy, and while not the colour I originally wanted...I wasn't painting the crib!  The paint will be used for something else.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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