Monday, 8 April 2013

Papasan Cushion Cover

Jellybean's nursery is well under way...I have an old Papasan Chair that's over 10 years old that I want to use for his feeding chair as I plan to breast feed for at least six months, hopefully longer.  The frame is made of bamboo and the cushion is a dark green in colour, doesn't go with the colours of the room at all.  Now I'm sure some of you are shaking your head and saying that he's not going to care, afterall he's just a baby and won't be doing much of anything beyond eating, sleeping and pooping.  However, I say differently, while he may not notice, I will certainly notice.  The reality is the nursery has to be somewhere I enjoy being in since I will be spending  fair amount of time their with just him and I during the nights.  I have made this room to suit me more than him, considering we don't know his personality yet.

So...before picture:

I was given this fabric from a friend of mine who was clearing out her craft room, it was actually a set of old curtains.  The colouring goes beautifully in the nursery and it is nice, heavy upholstery fabric.  I picked out all of the seams as well as the reinforced top that had gathered the top of the fabric.

I laid the cushion on top of the fabric and traced a line in chalk around it.

When I cut the two halves I actually added an extra inch as the tracing didn't include the thickness of the cushion for a seam allowance.

I serged the two halves together leaving about a 12 inch gap with which to insert the cushion.  The two sides to the opening I serged separately just so that they wouldn't ravel while I hand stitched the opening closed.

Once that was done, I tested it out on the bamboo frame to see how it looked and realized that it is going to need to be tacked down around the cushion.  It was done that way originally so I will use those indentations as a guide.

I have chosen 42 buttons (21 for each side) to accomplish tacking it down.  Although I am using heavy duty thread I am concerned that it will pull right through regardless.  The buttons will prevent that.

Tada!  Here it is :)

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