Saturday, 20 April 2013

Door Jammer

Made a door jammer so that opening and closing the door is quiet.  I don't intend on being on someone who is constantly "we MUST be quiet, the baby is sleeping" or anything.  Vacuuming here I come!  On the other hand in the middle of the night is a different door jammer.

I saw this on Pinterest (which led to etsy:  I had enough fabric from the Papsan Chair cover that I used that...also Ms. Diva says matchy matchy :)  Here's their photo so you can see my inspiration:

I cut two pieces approx 3.5x5.5 inches and stitched them together.

I clipped the corners before turning right side out so that the corners would be nice and crisp.

I stitched around the sides of the door jammer, more decorative than anything else but it also helps the fabric lay flatter.

Then I sewed buttons onto the four corners for elastic rather than inserting it and stitching over it.

I should have put some padding between the two pieces but this works too.  Here it is on the door:

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